AEROFRESH Toilet brush and holder set, TPR Silicone toilet cleaner brush with hygienic quick drying holder, Stainless steel handle and rubber brush head, for cleaning bathroom toilets, White.


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  • 🗸 THERMO-PLASTIC-RUBBER BRISTLES – Non Scratch and Easy Clean TPR bristle technology makes cleaning your bathroom and toilet a more pleasant experience. The silicone rubber brush head provides deep cleaning won’t break down easily won’t change shape and won’t damage your toilet surface like conventional brushes can. Wide bristle spacing easily rinses clean and will give you the very best cleaning experience!
  • 🗸 304 GRADE STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE – WITH HIDDEN SMART TWEEZERS – Its functional 304 Grade stainless steel handle makes cleaning faster and more effective. Soft but firm brush fibers only require a gentle light touch compared to conventional Toilet brushes. A lighter touch for better cleaning results! There is also a hidden pair of smart tweezers in the handle to remove hair and debris from bath and sink plug holes.
  • 🗸 QUICK DRYING AND STABLE HOLDER – The toilet brush holder has a round centre of gravity which prevents it from falling or flipping unlike other toilet brush and holder set The AEROFRESH design Aero Port ventilation maintains hygiene minimises the spread of bacteria and quickly dries the bristles of the toilet brush keeping it clean dry and ready for the next day of use!
  • 🗸 DURABLE & EFFECTIVE – The quality of our products is what defines us. Buy unique AEROFRESH designs that guarantee durability and effectiveness in a single purchase. Our TPR Silicone toilet brush and holder is durable effective and will last longer than common toilet brushes. Simple white colour and a minimalist and elegant design. Make your life easier and complete your bathroom set by ordering today!
  • 🗸 OUR WARRANTY – Love our toilet brush and holder or we’ll buy it back from you no questions asked!