Bfirst Disposable Toilet Bowl Brush with 40Pcs Toiltet Wand Refills, Toilet Bowl Cleaner Wands,Toilet Cleaning System Starter Kit…


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  • 1.Product Details: The kit includes 1 extended brush handle (magic wand) 1 storage caddy and 40 replaceable sponge brush heads (ocean fresh scent).
  • 2.Upgraded the Wand Handle: Lengthen the handle to 18in. The handle adopts ABS material integrated molding design the structure is stronger and the service life is longer. Unlocking is a more simple and practical buckle switch the switch is designed at the end of the handle and it can be easily installed and removed by pressing.
  • 3.Sponges Refills Brush Heads: The diameter of the sponge block is up to 2.5 inches which improves the adhesion between the plastic structure of the brush head and the sponge block. The buckle and the brush head are connected more closely and will not fall off easily. Add a layer of scraping cloth to the sponge block which can produce foam when exposed to water and the scrubbing effect is better you can use one brush head to scour multiple toilets.
  • 4.Regular Clean: The toilet brush kit is designed to provide a more time-saving and labor-saving solution for toilet cleaning which is simple and feasible. It helps to clean mild toilet stains but it does not remove heavy lime scale accumulated for a long time so it is a good choice for people who care about hygiene and regularly maintain the toilet.
  • 5.Mission: Simplify housework and make your life easier. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are here to provide you with 24h support and advice!