Blue Canyon Toilet Brush, Black, 8 x 8 x 26.5 cm


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  • [ WASHABLE BRUSH HEAD ]: Blue Canyon toilet brush offers plastic brush heads convenient washable and more durable than ordinary brush heads; no problems with hair tangles and dirt; easy to wash and won’t scratch your toilet bowl. Our cleaner toilet brush never wears out or changes its shape maintaining perfect cleaning.
  • [ EFFECTIVE CLEANING ]: Without using any additional cleaning tools you can reach and fully deep clean every square inch of your toilet including inside the grooves with the ergonomic grips equipped on the toilet cleaner’s handle.
  • [ QUICK DRYING AND NO DRIPPING ]: The double-layer toilet brush holder is more robust and ventilated so the brush head dries quickly. And the removable base doesn’t drip so your floor stays clean and tidy.
  • [ FLEXIBLE BRISTLES ]: Thanks to the dense soft and flexible bristles the toilet brush quickly reaches every corner and cleans your bathroom effectively. At the same time this kind of brush head is more functional than other silicone brush heads because the bristles are firm but gentle on your toilet. Don’t be afraid to scratch it.
  • [ EASY TO USE ]: The long ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable grip. Durable stainless-steel handle not easy to break. Make household chores more time-saving and effortless and free up more time for other things.