Braoses Improved design: toilet brush silicone with holder, wall mounting and standing toilet brush set, stainless steel, toilet brush and quick drying holder set for bathroom, guest toilet


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  • [Silicone brush head]: the head of the brush is made of TPR material does not hurt the toilet and absorbs dirt. The bathroom brush never wears off or changes its shape and maintains the perfect cleaning.
  • [Effective Cleaning]: With 360 degree design this toilet brush has dense bristles wipe well and press down enough to remove stubborn stains under the edge and other hard to reach areas.
  • [Quick drying and anti-bacterial] : the inner hollow design ensures that water drops that drip from the brush head can be quickly drained into the built-in water storage drawer to keep the brush head dry and hygienic. The base of the water storage drawer has a piece of diatomaceous mud that absorbs water to remove odours. Keeps your toilet brush and bathroom clean and tidy.
  • [Comfortable handle with invisible tweezers] : the sturdy handle made of PP and stainless steel prevents the brush from rusting and bending. The ergonomic non-slip handle makes it more comfortable to hold and easier to clean. On the top of the toilet brush handle there is a small hidden tweezers which makes cleaning the bathroom easier.