Erreke Stainless Steel Toilet Brush with Holder, Flexible Silicone, Modern and Elegant, Improved Hygiene, Anti-Fingerprint (Silver)


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  • CLEAN HARD TO REACH AREAS: Thanks to the flexibility and shape of the brush head you can now clean the toilet in areas you couldn’t reach before both on the inside bottom and on the inside perimeter of the toilet.
  • FIX IT ON THE WALL OR PLACE IT ON THE FLOOR: Put it on the floor or if you prefer fix it directly on the wall with the supplied adhesives. No drilling or screwing required.
  • DOESN’T HOLD DIRT OR WATER: When you’ve finished using the brush you can clean it easily because the bristles don’t trap dirt hair or toilet paper.
  • WATER EVAPORATES PREVENTING BAD ODOUR: The internal ventilation design of the holder allows water to evaporate more quickly so you won’t have to empty it often or worry about bad odours.
  • GREATER DURABILITY: Made of SS410 stainless steel which has very effective resistance properties. The TPR material of the bristles is more durable than conventional brushes does not warp and dries faster.